Georges Seurat, Le tas de pierres, ca. 1882/84


Since the 1970s, members of the Hilti family have been actively engaged in the collection of art. The systematic long-term development and growth of the collection with first-class works of art under the auspices of a foundation (Hilti Art Foundation) began in the early 1990s.

The collection of the Hilti Art Foundation currently contains some 200 paintings, sculptures, objects and photographs from the period of classical modernism to the present. After more than twenty years of dedicated collecting activity, Cubism, Futurism, Expressionism and Surrealism, along with Concrete Art and Zero, have emerged as clearly recognizable and increasingly important focal points. Individual artists such as Kirchner, Picasso, Beckmann and Giacometti or Fontana, Graubner, Knoebel, Scully and Struth are each represented with several works.

A characteristic trait of private collections is that they reflect the individual interests of the respective collectors, their highly personal approach to art. This also applies to the collection of the Hilti Art Foundation. Originating in a desire for beauty and aesthetic pleasure – which excludes ugliness, yet still allows for exploration of the abyss within the beautiful – the collection is marked by pronounced sensuous qualities, especially in the genre of painting. At the same time, however, it is guided by a conscious perception of the formal and conceptual changes in the art of the late nineteenth and the entire twentieth century. Through each individual work of art, each individual artist, the collection draws attention to an era encompassing almost one and a half centuries in which individuals question as never before the capacities and consequences of their own existence as well as of art itself and its possibilities for aesthetic expression.

The goal of the collection is to continually broaden and publicly disseminate the understanding of this epoch.

Hilti Art Foundation

Michael Hilti

Advisory Board
Dr. Angela Schneider
Dr. Claudia Steinfels

Martin Hilti Family Trust
Michèle Hilti

Dr. Uwe Wieczorek

Georg Shandor Hayde

Collection Technicians
Marco Auderset
Robert Iten


The following artists are represented in the collection of the Hilti Art Foundation:

Albers, Josef
Archipenko, Alexander
Arp, Jean
Beckmann, Max
Belling, Rudolf
Bill, Max
Bischoffshausen, Hans
Boccioni, Umberto
Borer, Carlo
Broniatowski, Karol
Calder, Alexander
Colombo, Gianni
Corinth, Lovis
De Kooning, Willem
Delaunay, Sonia
Di Stefano, Giovanni
Dorazio, Piero
Dubuffet, Jean
Duchamp-Villon, Raymond
Ernst, Max
Federle, Helmut
Feininger, Lyonel
Fontana, Lucio
Freundlich, Otto
Frommelt, Martin
Fruhtrunk, Günter
Gauguin, Paul
Gerstner, Karl
Giacometti, Alberto
Glarner, Fritz
González, Julio
Graeser, Camille
Graevenitz, Gerhard von
Graubner, Gotthard
Gris, Juan
Heckel, Erich
Hodler, Ferdinand
Honegger, Gottfried
Hundertwasser, Friedensreich
Ikemura, Leiko
Innes, Callum
Itten, Johannes
Jawlensky, Alexej
Kandinsky, Wassily
Khan, Idris
Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig
Klapheck, Konrad 
Klee, Paul
Klein, Yves
Knoebel, Imi
Kopf, Willi
Kricke, Norbert
Kropf, Stéphane
Kunitzberger, Hanns
Laurens, Henri
Lavier, Bertrand
Ledgerwood, Judy
Léger, Fernand
Lehmbruck, Wilhelm
Loewensberg, Verena
Lohse, Richard Paul
Mack, Heinz
Macke, August
Magritte, René
Manzoni, Piero
Marc, Franz
Marini, Marino
Matisse, Henri
Miró, Joan
Mondrian, Piet
Moore, Henry
Morellet, François
Mori, Mariko
Munch, Edvard
Nannucci, Maurizio
Nolde, Emil
Opie, Julian
Pechstein, Max
Picasso, Pablo
Piene, Otto
Poliakoff, Serge
Renoir, Auguste
Richier, Germaine
Richter, Gerhard
Rodin, Auguste
Roeckle, Hanna
Roehr, Peter
Rosso, Medardo
Schmidt-Rottluff, Karl
Schoonhoven, Jan
Scully, Sean
Seurat, Georges
Sonnier, Keith
Soutter, Louis
Staudt, Klaus
Struth, Thomas
Taeuber-Arp, Sophie
Tanguy, Yves
Thiel, Frank
Tinguely, Jean
Tomasko, Liliane
Uecker, Günther
Vasarely, Victor
Vordemberge-Gildewart, Friedrich
Wyss, Carol


Volume 2 – Art from 1950 to the Present Day

Hilti Art Foundation. The Collection.
Volume 2 – Art from 1950 to the Present Day

Contributors: J. Ryff, A. Schneider, U. Wieczorek
Publisher: Hirmer, München
Publication: 355 pages, c. 180 colour plates
Format: 23.5 x 30 cm
Language: available in German and English
Price, circa: CHF 54.90 / EUR 45.–

Available through the Museum Shop of the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein and in bookstores
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Epidermis Conditio humana Kosmos

Hilti Art Foundation
The Collection Vol.1

Editor: Hilti Art Foundation
Publisher: Hirmer Verlag, München
Series: Hilti Art Foundation
Languages: German and English
Dimensions: hardcover with, 236 pages and over 90 illustrations of works and architecture
Price: CHF 54.90
Shop online

ISBN EN-Ausgabe: 978-3-7774-3342-4

Rosso, Klee, Sonnier & more. 36 Works from the Collection

Rosso, Klee, Sonnier & more
36 Works from the Collection

Publisher: Hilti Art Foundation
Series: Hilti Art Foundation
Languages: German and Englisch
Price: CHF 12.–  € 10.–

Kirchner, Léger, Scully & more. Works from the Collection

Kirchner, Léger, Scully & more
Works from the Collection

Editor: Hilti Art Foundation
Publisher: Midas Verlag, Zurich, 2017
Series: Hilti Art Foundation
Languages: German and English
Dimensions: 23,5 x 30 cm, hardcover with dust jacket, 156 pages, 80 illustrations
Price: CHF 39.–

ISBN 978-3-03879-114-3

Painting and sculpture  From classical modernism to the present day

Painting and sculpture
From classical modernism to the present day

Editor: Hilti Art Foundation
Publisher: Hatje Cantz, 2015
Series: Hilti Art Foundation
Languages: German and English 
Dimensions: 22 x 28 cm, hardcover with dust jacket, 192 pages, 100 illustrations
Price: CHF 45.–

ISBN 978-3-7757-3946-7

Gotthard Graubner. Painting

Gotthard Graubner. Painting

Editor: Hilti Art Foundation
Publisher: Richter Verlag, Düsseldorf, 2010 
Series: Hilti Art Foundation
Languages: Deutsch/Englisch
Hardcover, 144 pages
Price: CHF 58.50 


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